Alloy Die Casting Parts

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    Key Features

    1. Advanced die cast technique in precision die casting of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium alloys,

    2. Our die casting machines work with most advanced vacuum system.

    3. Our services including:

    (1)Tooling design and development.
    (2)Die cast manufacture.
    (3)Secondary finishing, polish, machining, coating, or chrome plating.
    (4)Various of surface treatments(Chrome of triple plate, Hexavalent chromium, Special trivalent chromium, etc...).

    Product Certification


    Small Order Recommendation

    Mirror/Mirrors Cover with LED
    USD 19.00-19.00
    Rubber formed hose
    USD 8.00-8.00
    CNC Tube & Pipe Bend Parts
    USD 0.88-0.88
    Custom Metal Spinning Part for Car or other application
    USD 8.00-8.00
    Aftermarket boat part, Search Light, HID
    USD 185.00-185.00